On March of 2019, Tencent Cloud and WeBank jointly announced that they establish the Fintech innovation laboratory. Both of them will have a strong connection and cooperation in basic structure, financial application, innovation and other fields to explore the new direction of fintech. This cooperation improves the quality of financial service and promotes the development of inclusive financial.

Recently, Tencent Cloud – WeBank fintech innovation laboratory has officially established federated learning joint research project of WeBank and Tencent Cloud Shield Sandbox. Both parties will conduct a series of product research and development and iterative optimization based on the federated learning. Meanwhile, they will have deep cooperation in research and development and industry standards and so on, to promote the application implement of AI technology under privacy protection.

Federated learning is a distributed machine learning technology which is encrypted. The participants can jointly build models under the premise of not disclosing any underlying data. The companies’ private data never leave local storage. Federated learning can build a virtual joint-model by exchanging the parameter under the encryption schemes to not break the regulation of data privacy. Therefore, it promotes its model effect. WeBank’s AI team self-research and release the world’s first industrial-level open-source framework FATE (Federated AI Technology Enabler). It supports the security calculation of federated learning architecture system and machine learning algorithm and enables to help multiple institutions to use data and jointly build model effectively and collaboratively under the premise that conforms the data security and government regulations.

Shield Sandbox is a solution of big data computing security launched by Tencent Cloud. It aims to solve the security issue that the parties with sensitive data assets might face when they conduct the data cooperation. The application scenarios are to cover the rapid of business, joint-modeling and online service, etc.

The cooperation between WeBank’s federated learning, the open-source framework FATE and Tencent Cloud Shield Sandbox, make it possible to solve the privacy leakage issue. On one hand, Shield Sandbox will promote the existing data assets owner in the public cloud to deploy FATE with sandbox. It helps those companies that have data advantages in their own industry dimensions to dig deeper into the value of data based on security. On the other hand, shield data sandbox will also use FATE to develop the digital ecosystem in Tencent Cloud, helping those companies and institutions which strongly rely on the data to implement the AI application under the premise of security protection. Besides, Tencent Cloud Shield Sandbox also further improve the FATR during the cooperation process.

FATE and Shield Sandbox both have a significant influence in the fields of AI and cloud computing. The cooperation upgrade represents the deep cooperation between WeBank and Tencent Cloud. In the future, both parties will build the FATE computing framework based on the cloud to promote the construction of a federated ecosystem. Thus, it accelerates AI security application implement construction of the industries.