With the introduction of regulation about user’s data security and privacy protection, companies are facing issues on data security and user privacy while providing a better service. Under the premise of complying with the data security policy and regulations, federated learning can help companies continue to better export the innovative service and improve service quality.

If you start to learn federated learning, you can’t study without – FATE (Federated AI Technology Enabler). As the world’s first industrial-level open-source federated learning, FATE supports a federated learning framework, providing high performance of federated learning mechanism for machine learning, deep learning, and transfer learning. FATE also supports multi-party computation protocols, such as homomorphic encryption, secret sharing and hash algorithm, with a great cross-domain interactive information management solution.

Whether you want to study the classic framework or you have already used FATE, the following questions may show up now or in the future:

  • What is the basic framework of FATE? What ‘s its advantage?
  • How to use FATE cluster deployment to complete the environment setup.
  • How to deploy the FATE algorithm?

To answer these questions, and to give those people who are interested in machine learning and federated learning, or researching the application, a deeper understanding of its classic framework and usage, the official team particularly publishes course named < Federated learning quick start – Explaining the open-source platform FATE detailly from scratch >. You can master FATE framework in 120 minutes.

In 120 minutes, you can learn:

  1. FATE Architecture and Practice
  • The Architecture and DataFlow of FATE
  • Pipeline for federated learning modeling
  • Model Publishing and Inference
  1. Overview of FATE deployment overall architecture
  • Description of deployment methods
  • Allinone deployment method demonstration
  • Description of deployment points
  1. FATE algorithm module usage and design practice
  • Introduce of FATE algorithm components
  • Quick start of FATE algorithm usage
  • Display core functions of FATE-Board
  • Demonstration of Algorithm development in FATE

The FATE course is free for everyone. Please click on this sentence and go to watch it!